Dear Parents/Guardians,

  1. Please report all communicable diseases including: chicken pox, Strep throat, scarlet fever, pink eye, fifth disease, mononucleosis, impetigo, head lice, ring worm, pinworms, and scabies. I must be able to notify them when there are contagious outbreaks in a classroom.
  2. Please tell me if your child has surgery or a serious injury such as a broken limb or sutures. This gives us a chance to make arrangements they might need to ease your child's return to school.Contact me if your child has a specific health need and remember to update your child medical information when changes occur.Sharing information about specific health issues such as asthma, diabetes, allergies (food, medication, seasonal) or any medications that your child is taking on a regular basis will help me assess them in the health room and provide optimal care at school.
  3. Please do not send your child to school with a sore throat, fever, nausea, and cold or flu symptoms.I understand it is sometimes difficult to take time off from work but if your child is sick, not only is he/she unable to participate fully in class but they spread the illness to other children. With children in close proximity to each other on a daily basis, controlling the spread of illness can prevent "mini-epidemics." Please be sure your child is "24-hours symptom free" before returning to school. Students with strep throat must be on medication a full 24 hours before returning.
  4. Call the Health Room if your child will be absent or will arrive late for school.To facilitate this process, the health room has its own phone number (860-228-4933) and a 24 hour answering machine. Please try to call as early as possible. If you do not call, we have to call you and the backup emergency contacts for the child's safety.
  5. Get written orders from your physician if your child needs medication during school hours. Connecticut State law requires a written doctor's order and written parent's authorization for each medication given. This policy pertains to prescription and over-the-counter products such as creams, Motrin, Tylenol or cold medication.School personnel cannot give medication without the proper forms.
    DO NOT SEND MEDICATIONS TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD.A parent or other responsible adult must deliver the medication to the school in a pharmacy labeled container. Any child found with medication will be sent to the health room and the parent called to pick up the medication. Chap-stick is allowed in the classrooms during the dry winter season. Have your child bring it to the health room for proper labeling.
  6. Provide written notification to the Health Room from your physician if your child needs to be excluded from recess or gym.Students cannot be excluded from recess or physical educationwithout a written doctor's note stating the specific limitations to be placed on activities and the duration of that limitation. Please be sure to update us on any changes to the limitation.
  7. There are clothing changes in the Health Room for spills, "accidents" and "I forgot my sweater" situations. If your child comes home with "GHS clothing", please launder and return them to the Health Room as soon as possible so we can continue to meet other children's needs.
  8. Classrooms have children with life threatening food allergies or special dietary needs. Please send the ingredient labels for ALLfood to be shared in the classroom.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any concerns about your child during the year, please feel free to stop by the Health Room or to call me at any time. By working together, we can make this a healthy, safe and successful school year.

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